Adolf Weber Unternehmens-Gruppe | Investor, Projektentwickler und Verwalter für Immobilien


Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber, Thomas Schmitt, Matthias Flaig und Jochen Boudon (f.l.t.r.)


Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber is the fourth generation of the Weber family to manage the business, following on from his father, Adolf Huckfeldt-Weber. He first completed a banking apprenticeship and obtained a degree in real estate economics (ebs) and international business administration before spending several years working in the property industry and then joining the ADOLF WEBER GROUP in 2001. He is managing partner of the ADOLF WEBER GROUP since 2012.


thomas schmitt

Thomas Schmitt earned a degree in business administration before going to work in finance and accounting for various internationally operating retail and production companies. He joined the ADOLF WEBER GROUP in 2009 and has managed the ADOLF WEBER MANAGEMENT GmbH together with Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber since 2012.


matthias flaig

After gaining a degree in regional planning with a focus on urban development planning and urban construction, Matthias Flaig spent more than 10 years working in site acquisition and project development for leading food retail companies. He joined the ADOLF WEBER GROUP as a project manager in 2011. Since then he has mainly been responsible for projects involving commercial properties as well as residential buildings and business premises. Mr. Flaig was appointed to the management of ADOLF WEBER REAL ESTATE GmbH in 2018.


jochen boudon

Jochen Boudon contributes longstanding experience in the property sector and has been in charge of ADOLF WEBER INVESTMENT GmbH in Dortmund since April 2017. A qualified real estate manager (IREBS) with a degree in industrial engineering, he previously worked as a head of investment and senior investment manager for renowned real estate companies. Mr. Boudon currently lectures in real estate economics at Münster University of Applied Sciences, and had also joined the board of the IMMOEBS association in June 2017.